A perfect day trip: island hopping speedboat itinerary

The Adriatic Sea… a beautiful blue expanse with its picturesque small coastal towns, harbours, bays, and enchanting islands, offers endless opportunities for enjoyment and discovery.

Among them are some incomparable places whose attraction is rooted in the harmonious blend of the splendour of nature and the rich cultural heritage.

Their natural beauty and uniqueness are the authentic charm of the entire Adriatic. They are sights that should not be missed. We will guide you step by step through one of our tours, or you could say wave by wave – our Blue Cave and Islands Tour.

Our adventure starts in the old ports of Trogir or Split. As the sun casts long shadows on the cobblestone streets, we embark on a journey towards the mysterious Blue Cave.

The magic of the Blue Cave

Located on the island of Biševo, the Blue Cave, also called Modra špilja, is a spectacular phenomenon, an ethereal natural marvel. Here, in this inconspicuous place, the ordinary meets the extraordinary, and a simple grotto is transformed into a mystical spectacle of nature’s artistry.

The magic of the Blue Cave lies in its symphony of light and limestone. A perfect staging of the elements of nature, where the vivid Mediterranean sun secretly enters the interior of the cave through an underwater crevice.

Around noon, the sun’s rays penetrate the surface of the sea. The entire cave comes to life, bathing it in a fascinating azure light. This spectacle transforms the cave’s interior into a surreal realm of light and shadow.

The Blue Cave has been open to visitors since 1884. At that time, the natural opening was widened so that a smaller boat could enter, becoming one of the most famous sights on the Croatian Adriatic. And rightly so.

The cave itself is about 24 metres long and 15 metres high; the depth ranges from a few metres to 20 metres.

The interesting thing about the Blue Cave is that although the cavern is bathed in blue light, the objects in the water shimmer with a silvery hue. It’s best to see for yourself… and yes, do not forget to take lots of photos, because we are sure that the moments spent in the Blue Cave will remain in your memory forever.

Exploring the hidden gem of Vis Island

As we weigh anchor and move away from the radiant spectacle of the Blue Cave, our compass points towards our next destination, the alluring island of Vis.

Hidden away from the beaten tourist path, the island of Vis is an unspoiled oasis that offers an authentic slice of Adriatic life. Its history is as captivating as its geography. Once a military base, Vis has shed its guarded past and opened its gates to reveal a picturesque landscape that whispers tales of history, heritage and hospitality.

Today, Vis boasts pristine beaches where the azure waters of the Adriatic lapping against pebbled shores create a symphony of nature that soothes the senses. But the allure does not end at the water’s edge – the island’s delicious seafood, taverns and bistros offer gastronomic delights overloaded with the flavours of the sea.

Perhaps the most beautiful jewel of the island of Vis is the time-honoured charm of the village of Komiža.

The charming fishing village of Komiža, which seems untouched by time, exudes a unique, soothing, and captivating charisma. The narrow streets and stone houses are silent narrators of stories from a bygone era, offering an authentic experience.

Not far from Komiža awaits another highlight – the secluded Stiniva Bay. Nestled in towering cliffs lies a quiet pebble beach, accessible only through a narrow entrance from the sea. This secret retreat, untouched and unspoiled, is a sun-drenched paradise that offers an intimate encounter with the silence of nature.

The sun streams through the jagged crevices of the cliffs, casting playful patterns on the pebble-strewn shore. Stiniva Bay offers a glimpse into a peaceful, unspoiled world where time seems to stand still.

The island of Budikovac – a leap into turquoise

Our island-hopping journey continues, and we set our sights on the next jewel of the Adriatic – the island of Budikovac. As our speedboat gently docks on the inviting shores, we are overcome with a sense of calm as soothing as the lapping of the waves. The island of Budikovac, a tiny speck on the vast Adriatic Sea, promises an idyllic retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

However, the true heart of Budikovac Island lies just beneath the surface. Prepare to dive into the heart of the island – the inviting turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon. This aquamarine natural spectacle is as beautiful as it is fascinating, as the vibrant blues and greens blend into one harmonious colour.

This tranquil spot is perfect for a relaxing swim, a leisurely snorkel, or just to let yourself drift with the gentle sea waves. Here on the island of Budikovac, you are not just diving into the water; you’re diving into a world of pure tranquilly and untouched beauty.

Hvar – A Journey Beyond the Ordinary

Our epic island-hopping adventure reaches its peak on the glamorous island of Hvar. A place where rustic charm meets modern sophistication. Hvar offers a captivating blend of rich history, vibrant culture and natural beauty. The bustling piazza, with its lively cafes and historic buildings, bubbles with energy, while the hilltop fortress that towers over the island offers panoramic views of the azure seascape below.

The historic cathedral, the stone facade steeped in centuries of history, symbolises Hvar’s turbulent past. A walk through the cobblestone streets of Hvar town is like a journey into the past, as each of the impressive architecture and historical sites tells a piece of the island’s rich history.

But before we say goodbye to our tour, we must mention the Pakleni Islands, located just off the island of Hvar. The locals call them Škoji, which simply translates means “islands”. This small archipelago includes about 19 islands and rocks. The Pakleni Islands are full of sun-drenched beaches, with the coolness of the greenery contrasting perfectly with the warmth of the sea. But the islands are more than just a interesting sight for sailors; they are a true natural wonder.

A few important tips for island hopping

The climate in the Adriatic is typically warm, so light clothing is recommended if you are heading out on a speedboat tour. However, do not forget to protect yourself from the sun, so bring a sun hat, good sunscreen and sunglasses. Do not forget to bring your swimwear and a towel if you want to take a dip in the Adriatic Sea.

We can also recommend you bring a sturdy pair of shoes, which can be helpful for exploratory walks but are not obligatory.

We usually provide snorkelling equipment, but you can bring your own if you wish. Remember to bring a waterproof bag to protect your valuables from water splashes.

One thing is especially significant to us – safety is always our priority. Listen to your skipper’s instructions and respect the sea.

The best time for island hopping is the warm summer months from May to September. Keep in mind that the high season also means more visitors. So, if you prefer a quieter experience, consider late spring or early autumn.

Embrace the local culture. Croatians are known for their hospitality, so feel free to strike up a conversation with the locals.

We also want to ensure your visit does not harm the environment. It’s best to stick to the “leave no trace” principle. Dispose of your waste responsibly, do not disturb the wildlife and respect the natural habitats you encounter.

And our final advice is to make the most of your visit. Get involved in the experience, be open to new adventures and create unforgettable memories of the perfect island- hopping tour.