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Island hopping adventure awaits with unforgettable speedboat tours 

Prepare to embark on the island-hopping adventure of a lifetime as you explore the breathtaking beauty of the Adriatic Sea. Our speedboat excursions will take you to the most enchanting islands, pristine beaches, and hidden gems that the area has to offer.

Group Tour: Blue Cave & Hvar 5 Islands

From 125€ per person (group/shared tour)

Private Tour: Blue Cave & Hvar 5 Islands

Price: 125€ per person (group/shared tour)
Private tour: 1100.00 € up to 9 people
Private tour: 1350.00 € up to 12 people

Blue Lagoon and Šolta Island tour

Private tour: 650.00 € up to 9 people
Private tour: 850.00 € up to 12 people

Hvar and Pakleni islands tour

Private tour: 900.00 € up to 9 people
Private tour: 1000.00 € up to 12 people

Bol, the Golden Cape and Brač island tour

Private tour: 800.00 € up to 9 people
Private tour: 1000.00 € up to 12 people

Custom made tour

With Garbin Charter tours, you’ll discover the best of the best of the Adriatic. Each speedboat tour we offer, starting from Split or Trogir, is designed to spark your imagination, ignite your sense of adventure and leave you with unforgettable memories of Croatia’s beautiful coastal landscapes. 

Our Split boat tours will show you the enchanting beauty of the Dalmatian coast. Leaving the vibrant cityscape of Split behind, our speedboats whisk you across crystalline waters to explore a series of magnificent sites, sun-drenched islands and secluded bays – each more picturesque than the next. 

Our Trogir boat tours provide an equally enchanting experience. Navigate the Adriatic’s azure waves and discover this stunning region’s ancient wonders and natural beauty. From the historic charm of old town of Trogir to the picturesque islands scattered nearby, our tours offer a fascinating blend of discovery and relaxation. 

Our standout Blue Cave tour is a must for any true adventurer. This magical journey takes you to the ethereal Blue Cave on the island of Biševo, where the sea shimmers with an otherworldly blue light, bathing the entire cave in an iridescent glow. 

If you long for the tranquillity of pristine beaches and turquoise lagoons, our Blue Lagoon tour from Split of Trogir is your perfect fit. This excursion will take you to the idyllic Blue Lagoon, a protected sea area between three islets – a place perfect for swimming, snorkelling, or simply basking in the sun. 

No trip to the Croatian Adriatic is complete without a visit to the island of Hvar. And, of course, a tour around the Pakleni Islands, a gorgeous chain of forested islets off the coast of Hvar, is also a must. Experience a perfect day of crystal-clear waters, hidden beaches and secluded coves. 

Finally, our Brač Island tours offer an unparalleled exploration of one of Croatia’s most enchanting islands. Known for its famous Zlatni Rat beach, ancient historical sites and charming local culture, Brač offers everyone a treasure trove of experiences. 

For those seeking a customized speedboat adventure, our tours and excursions from Split and Trogir offer the flexibility to create a personalized itinerary. Choose your destinations, set the pace, and we’ll make sure your trip is as unique as you are.